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ZWCAD+ is a cost-effective, DWG file format compatible CAD software
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13 October 2014

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This is an AutoCAD DWG compatible CAD tool.

This CAD tool is compatible with the AutoCAD’s DWG files. This tool does not claim compatibility with the operations menu. Thus, this is not AutoCAD compatible in that sense. The drawings produced being compatible, they can migrate across different platforms; from ZWCAD to AutoCAD and back for example. This is a tool for drafting, modeling and drawing. There is a very lightweight version ZWCAD Touch that lets you view, comment and share DWG files via cloud storage on your mobile devices. There are a couple of other versions that are targeted to mechanical design and architectural design. There are users who have adopted this tool for quite sophisticated design work. The ZWCAD+ 2014 can open and write DWG/DWF 2013 and DWF files. ZWCAD+ 2014 can also write blocks to DWG 2013. This tool is able to recognize dynamic block with most frequently used parameters such as linear, rotation, flip, alignment, visibility and lookup. It will let you change the block appearance with either the parameter grid or the properties palette.

This application supports .NET API. With the NETLOAD tool, this tool will let you load .NET applications. Customized applications for ZWCAD+ can be developed making the use of it simple with your own applications. You are able to save your drawings and customized configurations to third-party cloud services, like DropBox, Google Drive and others. It lets you save voice information as an entity in your drawing through commands of SMARTVOICE, VOICEMAN and VOICESHOW, etc. The SmartSelect finds similar entities quite easily. The menu, toolbars, commands, etc. could be customized. This is a very good tool.

Publisher's description

ZWCAD+ is a cost-effective, DWG file format compatible CAD software for the AEC and MCAD industries. It ensures even greater .dwg 2013 support, better time saving tools such as Ref Managers , Super Hatch and Sweep& Loft, code-level API and key 2D Functions, such as Dynamic blocks and Unicode.
Enhanced and new features of ZWCAD+ boost your design efficiency.
Most frequently used functions,including Associative Dimension, Block Attribute Manager, Field (Object), Viewport Maximization and Cycle Select, have been added to cater for frequent support. Fundamental enhancements, such as Tool Palettes, Revision Cloud, Snap, Match Properties, and Batch Processing on Layouts, have also been made to increase efficiency.
Seamless compatibility with other CAD software
Having been through over 50,000 extremely rigorous drawing tests to guarantee seamless .dwg compatibility, ZWCAD+ makes cross-platform communication easier than ever before. Now ZWCAD+ can also support DWG 2013.
Take on a tough design more easily
New memory optimization technology enables ZWCAD+ to open any drawing with memory usage reduced by 50%. Dual-core support fully utilizes CPU resources, and empowers you to take on more complex tasks.
Port applications more efficiently
ZRX and ARX are now code-level compatible. Lisp routines can run directly on ZWCAD+ with only a few modifications.
The new APIs enable developers to port their applications to ZWCAD+ 10 times faster.The ported applications run up to 8 times faster when compared with ZWCAD.

Realistic Design with a Click of a Button
Simply draft a cross section and path or different cross sections in different positions, and you can get a 3D model without any lag.
Make Every Word Tell with Unicode Upgrade
Big upgrade to ZWCAD+'s kernel enables all design information to be easily and accurately exchanged between different languages.
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